Team Approach

A team approach to physical therapy

Physical Therapy - Team Approach

The OrthoSport Approach to Personalized Physical Therapy

Our highly trained physical therapists have extensive clinical expertise and use the most advanced, research-based physical rehabilitation techniques. But they also use a simple, yet essential tool for success: communication.

OrthoSport believes communication is critical to recovery. Our physical therapists not only get to know each patient’s history, injury, and specific goals, they also educate them about the details of the injury, treatment, and prescribed therapy, so they have a more in-depth understanding of what happened and what they can expect. Our Physical Therapists then help each patient set initial rehabilitation goals and long-term strategies. Because our staffing ratios are set for patient care, not for corporate profits, our physical therapists have active involvement with every patient throughout their entire rehabilitation process.

We also have a close relationship with the referring physicians. We share information back and forth so we can prescribe the right treatment and track individual progress together. OrthoSport works closely with insurance companies as well, streamlining the process to keep the focus on recovery, not on expenses and paperwork.