Industrial Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Customized to Fit Your Specific Needs

Our state-of-the-art evaluation and rehabilitation system simulates the forces required to perform specific job functions, allowing us to monitor a patient’s rehab progress as well as accurately and objectively evaluate his or her functional capacity. This allows employers and claims adjusters to evaluate a patient’s progress and measure his or her ability to meet critical job demands.

OrthoSport Physical Therapy Patient in RehabilitationOrthoSport’s Industrial Rehabilitation programs not only work to get employees back on the job. We offer employers comprehensive testing procedures and consultation to significantly lower the risk of injuries that can occur in an industrial setting. Using our portable state-of-the-art equipment, we can evaluate work sites and assess the demands of each job. The objective data from our tests can help employers evaluate the safety of current on-the-job practices as well as ensure that employees are placed in appropriate positions based on their individual functional capacity. This can also assist Human Resource departments in developing accurate physical job descriptions and demands of specific tasks.

We offer an encompassing program of Post-Offer of Employment Testing to help employers objectively assess whether or not an applicant is able to meet the physical demands of a specific job. Other employer related services include Functional Capacity Evaluations, Critical Job Demand Analysis and Therapy Baseline Testing.